Welcome to Home-Start

Home-Start is the UK’s leading family support charity.

Your Home-Start Volunteer

Our volunteers come from all walks of life and have a  wealth of parenting experience.  They are friendly-caring-know how to listen to parents-enjoy the company of children-reliable-trustworthy-won’t judge you-fully trained-carefully matched with you-and criminal records checked to ensure your child’s safety.

What can you expect from Home-Start

A mixture of practical help and emotional support.  Your volunteer will usually visit you at home for a couple of hours each week and you can decide what happens-playing at the park; helping you make/keep medical appointments; helping find out more about local services.. or just having a cup of tea and a chat while the children play at home.  Our volunteers are not baby sitters, home helps or trained counsellors, though they may give practical help looking after children and will always listen.

Home-Start’s promise to you

Our support is free and confidential.  Volunteers will respect your privacy and never forget that you have invited them into your home.  you choose whether or not to accept Home-Start support and can change your mind at any time.

Does Home-Start keep records about me/my family?

All personal information about parents and families is treated confidential, to be discussed only as necessary with the Coordinator in support of your volunteer and to assist your family.

Any disclosure of the confidential information may only be undertaken with your expressed permission, for the purpose of assisting your family, except where it is considered necessary for the welfare and protection of a child when information shall be shared with the appropriate authority.

Home-Start keeps factual and statistical information about all families it supports.  You can ask to see your family file at any time.  Our records comply with Data Protection requirement.  We tell the person who referred you to Home-Start that we have started supporting you and when your support ends.

What to do if I am not happy with my support

If you are unhappy about any aspect of Home-Start we want to know and will do our best to put it right.   You could talk to your volunteer,  Coordinator, scheme Administrator or the person who first put you in touch with Home-Start.  If you still have concerns then the trustees – the people who manage the local Home-Start-can investigate using our structured complaints procedure.  To find out about this, contact the office on 01453 297470.

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